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3/11/2016 12:20 pm

Space Elevator Album Review –

What do you get when you combine funky, melodic hard rock with an extremely soulful female voice whose music encompasses virtually every musical influence from the rock, pop, and soul genres? You get London’s very own Space Elevator […] I was instantaneously hooked in by the catchiness of the sound and then totally reeled in […]

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3/11/2016 12:14 pm

Cats In Space / Space Elevator G2 Glasgow – Live review

When the “Out Of This World” tour landed in Glasgow the happiest man in the venue was Space Elevator Scottish guitarist David Young who was playing his hometown. Sporting a rather fetching vintage Scotland football jersey he joked that it was easier for him to wear it up here rather than down south and his […]

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23/8/2016 11:26 pm

Space Elevator album review – Mayfair Mall Zine

“Flamboyant? Over the top? Bombastic?  Just three words that could easily describe Space Elevator and their new self-titled album, which will leave many of you out there scratching your head in total….’What the hell is going on here?!’, as it certainly did with this reviewer!!  I mean, c’mon, when the vocalist is known as ‘The […]

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23/8/2016 11:09 pm

Space Elevator album review on Spanish Made In Metal website

“[Space Elevator] define this album as a group of new songs recalling the classic rock era. We define it as a group that picks up the scepter that Queen dropped after the death of Freddie Mercury, or the best years of ELO.” (translated from Spanish) Read full review on Spanish Made In Metal website

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17/6/2016 2:58 pm

SPACE ELEVATOR ALBUM reviewed in Keys and Chords

“Space Elevator features brand new songs in a reincarnation and updated version of the classic rock era. They proof they are a very talented unit blessed with outstanding material.” (translated) Read full review on Keys and Chords website

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15/5/2016 10:50 pm

Review on Germany’s DangerDog website

“Space Elevator’s debut album is terrific, pretty fandamntastic. Easily one of the best AOR melodic rock albums I’ve heard this year. Get it. Easily recommended.” Read the full review on Germany’s Dangerdog site

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