Space Elevator album reviewed in Sentinel Daily

“If you’re a fan of sleek, impeccably executed rock music, shot through with the sort of pop sensibility that means every song featured here has weapons grade earworm capability, then there’s nothing on Space Elevator that won’t appeal.  [David] Young is an assured six stringer who puts in a man of the match performance on his solo on Move On, but the undoubted star of the show here is The Duchess; There is nothing she can’t sing, but her versatility is a boon here rather than the weakness it might possibly have been as the band flits between styles and genres with each track. At times she’s a dead ringer for Madonna, at others echoes of Texas chanteuse Sharleen Spiteri or T’Pau’s Carol Decker shimmer into the ears, but throughout her powerful, character-packed vocals will raise the hairs on the back of the neck and she holds the whole shebang together with a bravura performance that surely deserves the widest stage possible on which to strut in the future.”

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