Cats In Space / Space Elevator G2 Glasgow – Live review

When the “Out Of This World” tour landed in Glasgow the happiest man in the venue was Space Elevator Scottish guitarist David Young who was playing his hometown. Sporting a rather fetching vintage Scotland football jersey he joked that it was easier for him to wear it up here rather than down south and his smile was beaming throughout the set. Fronted by The Duchess, Space Elevator play an infectious brand of 80’s inspired rock that would not sound out of place on a west end stage. The Duchess manages to make the show very theatrical without any actual production and she’s obviously born to be onstage, very comfortable in what she does. […]

The guitar work from Young is spot on and at times it looks like he is playing with an extra limb, nothing flash or fancy, just solid riffs and clean breaks. The set is a decent length as the band run through a dozen or so tracks that hit the right spot, “Far Away Boy” “Loneliness Of Love” and “I Will Find You” are all fine slices of AOR that sound massive but the cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Don’t Believe A Word” was sublime. Beginning slow and sultry before the drums come smashing in and the Rock is turned way up. […]

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