Space Elevator album review – Mayfair Mall Zine

“Flamboyant? Over the top? Bombastic?  Just three words that could easily describe Space Elevator and their new self-titled album, which will leave many of you out there scratching your head in total….’What the hell is going on here?!’, as it certainly did with this reviewer!!  I mean, c’mon, when the vocalist is known as ‘The Duchess’, then you know that this ain’t gonna be the usual run-of-the-mill Rock album by any stretch of the imagination, and, surprise, surprise, this one isn’t!! Just trying to figure out where to start is a task in itself, but here goes…

Kicking off the album in a NASA themed intro is the funky/rock ‘Elevator’, which jumps about from said funkiness to dramatic opera-based aura then back which is a head-bender if there was any, then suddenly you’re taken into a surreal ‘space trip’ on the sexily sang ‘We Are The Losers’, as pompous as Hyacinth Bucket on a good day, the band leave nothing to chance to get the ultimate crescendo of O.T.T. on harmonies and colossal sing-along chorus to boot!! Extravagant and wa-a-a-ay over the top, but on the mark to say the least…”

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